[Recruitment] Ichihara Halloween XNUMX x Kominato Railway Cosplay Train Sponsor

Cosplay and costumes that people of all ages and genders enjoy. 
Since XNUMX, the Ichihara City Tourism Association has been holding cosplay / costume events and photo contests as a Halloween parade in the largest event in the area, "Kazusasa Ichihara Kokufu Matsuri", for many people from small children to elderly people. We have you participate and are loved as "Ichihara Halloween".
By holding cosplay and costume events using tourism resources unique to Ichihara City, we would like to provide a place where you can enjoy and promote tourism.
Although it costs a lot to hold this event, we are looking for sponsors to reduce the burden on the participants as much as possible.
We kindly ask for your understanding and support.

Click here to download the R4 Cosplay Train sponsorship recruitment materials

[how to apply]
Please contact Abe in charge by phone, fax, or email.
General Incorporated Association Ichihara City Tourism Association Person in charge: Abe
TEL: 0436-22-8355 FAX: 0436-23-1001
Email: info@ichihara-kankou.or.jp