Notice of recruitment of works for the XNUMXth Ichihara City Tourism Photo Contest! [Caution] Submit your entries on the XNUMXrd floor of Ichihara City Hall No. XNUMX Government Building!

* Please note that the recruitment period is shorter than usual.

* Prize-winning works cannot be returned.If you wish to return the selected work, we will return it only if the "reply stamp" and "reply envelope (address already stated)" are enclosed. * If the amount of the reply stamp is insufficient, it will be returned by cash on delivery.

* Due to the relocation of the office, the submission destination has been changed to the XNUMXrd floor of Ichihara City Hall No. XNUMX Government Building.Please be careful when you come to the venue.

↓ ↓ ↓ When applying, please download the recruitment leaflet below and read the contents carefully before applying. ↓ ↓ ↓

Click here for the flyer for the 27th Ichihara City Tourism Photo Contest

Frequently Asked Questions / Inquiries

Q1: How much should I prepare a reply stamp?
A1: Please check the amount after weighing at the post office or at home. ((Japan Post Co., Ltd. homepagePlease note that the secretariat cannot measure (confirm the amount).We do not sell stamps.Please prepare in advance before applying.

Q2: I would like to apply for a photo of a person, but is there any problem?
A2: There is no problem if you have the permission of the person (subject).If you do not have permission, the secretariat will not be able to determine whether or not you can apply.Quoted from the application guidelines below * When a problem such as infringement of rights (copyright, trademark right, portrait right, or any other related rights) with a third party occurs (dispute or handling of the dispute, etc.) The Organizer shall not be held responsible and the applicant shall resolve these issues at his / her own risk and expense.Please be sure to obtain the consent of the copyright holder or the subject (or a guardian if you are under XNUMX years old) of the copyrighted work before applying.

Q3: Can I apply for bright composition or multiple exposure?
A3: Of the photographs taken of fireworks, stars, lighting, etc., you can apply for those that are taken continuously at the same shooting position, with the same lens and the same angle of view, and are brightly combined or multiple-exposed.