Kominato Railway Satoyama Walk held [event information]

Satoyama Walk

You can walk on any day you like during the event period!
*Regarding the Kominato Railway Satoyama Walk, the "Daily Yamazaki Asahiya" reception desk at Tsukizaki Station will be closed only on weekdays for about two weeks from May XNUMXth.Please note that the check-in for the goal of Section XNUMX will be at the Kominato Waiting Room at Goi Station, and the check-in for the start of Section XNUMX will be at Yoro Keikoku Station at the same time as the goal.

Participation OK from 1 sector
An original train-shaped pin badge will be presented for each section you walk.
In addition, if you complete all sections (1 to 6), you will receive a collection box that can store all pin badges.

Please check the Kominato Railway website for details.

A gift from the Ichihara City Tourism Association to those who have completed all sections of the Satoyama Walk

Those who have completed all sections of the Satoyama Walk will receive an illustration-style "Kominato Railway Train and Ishigami Canola Flower Field Sticker" as a gift!

Stickers are distributed at the Ichihara City Tourist Information Center at the west exit of JR Goi Station.
Please show the collection box containing 6 pin badges to the information desk staff.
Please note that the distribution of stickers will end as soon as they run out.
Reception hours: 9:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX
Closed: Mondays *If Monday falls on a national holiday, it will be open and closed on the following weekday *Closed during the New Year holidays
Phone: 0436-26-0066