Ichihara Halloween Halloween Parade XNUMX (XNUMXth Kazusa Ichihara Kokufu Festival) [Event Information]

*This page will be updated as information becomes available.

Ichihara Halloween Halloween Parade XNUMX

September XNUMX, XNUMX (Sat) XNUMX:XNUMX parade start
★Ario characters “Ari” and “Rio” will appear! !
★Kazusa Ichihara Kokufu Festival mascot character “Ossa-kun” will appear! !

[About the parade route]
The parade route goes around as shown in the diagram.

[About appeal time]
During the parade, we will set aside time for you to use simple stands to promote your appeal.
If you wish, you can get an appeal time participation ticket at Friendship Bazaar.
Tickets will be distributed at the Ichihara City Tourism Association official booth (limited number).

[Sweets will not be distributed]
There will be no "distribution of sweets" to be distributed to attendees on a first-come, first-served basis for general participants, which was done until last time.Participants are free to bring and distribute sweets, so please do so.

[About the changing room] *Scheduled
Kazusa Ichihara Kokufu Festival changing room for general participants Please use Sunplaza Ichihara

[Participation requirements] 
・Participation fee is free
・Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian
・Observe the dress code and follow the staff's instructions to ensure safety

[Dress regulations (at the discretion of the staff, if you violate the regulations, you will be prohibited from participating)]
・Prohibition of clothing for occupations with special responsibilities on the job
 (Real police, firefighters, Self-Defense Forces officers, security guards, nurses, etc. Excludes fictitious things that appear in games or anime, but is prohibited if it resembles a real thing)
・Prohibition of costumes that expose a lot of skin
 (Wear underwear, tights, spats, etc. to limit skin exposure.) 
・Prohibition of costumes that evoke discomfort or religious or anti-social ideas
 (Prohibition of excessive expressions using violent groups, specific religious groups, blood paste, etc.)
・Prohibition of costumes with safety issues
 (Skirts, haribote, etc. that are long enough to drag on the ground)
・Prohibition of small items that pose a safety problem
(Model guns, air guns, knives, pointed objects, long objects made of hard material, skateboards, roller skates, hard spherical objects, etc.)
・Prohibition of costumes (characters of official organizations are OK)
・If you are wearing a mask, please contact us in advance.
・In addition, costumes and accessories that have been instructed to be prohibited by the authorities, and costumes and accessories that are judged by the staff to be unsafe are prohibited.

Hashtag # post photocon held! !

【way to participate】
Add the hashtag “# City Haro XNUMX Photo Con” on Twitter or Instagram.
You can wear costumes and take pictures, or take pictures of the day and post them!

[About prizes]
Grand prize: XNUMX yen
XNUMX yen discount at Ichihara City Tourism Association Official Mail Order Marugoto Ichihara Mail Order Shop by lottery

Winning images may be used on our association's SNS, website and public relations materials.
It is considered that you have consented to use at the time of entry (posting)

Thank you for supporting the sweets!

Ichihara City Crafts Association (Honorary Chairman Yae Narito)

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