EyeLove Ichihara Photo Contest Recruitment of works [Notice]

[Recruitment period]
October XNUMXst (Sunday) - December XNUMXth (Sunday), XNUMX

Scenery category, Event category, Gourmet category (one award per person)
Grand Prize: XNUMX prizes, certificate/prize (XNUMX yen in cash) *XNUMX prize for each category
XNUMX winning entries Certificates/Prizes (within XNUMX yen) *XNUMX entries for each category

Landscape category: Photographs of landscapes within Ichihara City.
Event Category: Photos taken at events and festivals held in Ichihara City.
Gourmet Category: Photos of recommended gourmet food in Ichihara City.
We are looking for proposals that are common to all departments and can be expected to have a positive impact on tourism promotion.

[About recruitment works]
Original work that has not been published or is not scheduled for publication and in which the entrant holds all copyrights.No limit on the number of posts.

[Application standard]
Scenery Division/Event Division/Gourmet Division
*There is no specified equipment.Please submit your data in JPEG format using the dedicated form.
*Please shoot with the maximum number of pixels. (For use in posters, booklets, etc.)

[Application Regulations]
・The submitted work must be unpublished or not scheduled for publication, and must be an original work in which the applicant owns all copyrights.There is no limit on the number of posts.
・Composite or processed photos cannot be submitted.However, among photographs taken of fireworks, stars, lighting, etc., photographs taken at the same shooting position, with the same lens and angle of view, and light composition or multiple exposure can be submitted.
・Double entries, similar works, and works deemed to infringe on the submitted copyright will be disqualified.
・If there is a problem such as infringement of rights (copyright, trademark right, portrait right, etc., or any related rights) with a third party (disputes and dispute resolution, etc.), the organizer will We do not take any responsibility, and applicants shall solve these problems at their own responsibility and expense.Please be sure to obtain the prior consent of the copyright holder of the copyrighted work or the subject of the work (if you are under the age of XNUMX, your guardian) before applying.
・The copyright of the winning work (original data) belongs to the photographer.The organizer shall have the right to use the prize-winning works free of charge without requiring permission from the prize-winners.Winning works may be announced, reproduced, displayed, published, exhibited, distributed, screened, etc. in events, exhibitions, printed materials, websites, advertising materials, etc. managed, used, sponsored or published by the organizer or the city.When using the prize-winning work, we may modify it (remove a part of the work, change the color, etc.).In this case, the winners shall not claim any rights based on moral rights of copyright to third parties who have received permission from the organizer.
・If changing the category will result in winning a higher prize and will benefit the winner (applicant), the change will be made at the discretion of the judges.
・Only the winners will be notified of the screening results.We are unable to respond to individual inquiries regarding screening results.
・If a violation of the rules is found after the winner has been determined, the prize will be canceled and all certificates, prizes, money, etc. will be returned.
・When applying, you will be deemed to have agreed to all of the above and we will review your application.

EyeLove Ichihara photo contest flyer PDF

【Application method】
Please apply using the dedicated form at the URL below.