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(One company) Ichihara DMO, which is the parent organization of the Ichihara City Tourism Association, was certified as a Japanese DMO candidate corporation by the Tourism Agency on March XNUMX, XNUMX, and the "Ichihara City SDGs Strategy" formulated and implemented by Ichihara City. In "Town that becomes a symbol of SDGs", efforts to solve problems such as "Tourism promotion in collaboration with Ichihara DMO" and "Promotion of Satoyama living and Satoyama work" were also evaluated, and it became the first "SDGs future city" in Chiba prefecture. Selected as "Local Government SDGs".We will continue to work together with our members in collaboration with Ichihara City and related organizations.

And rich nature and satoyama culture, Chibanian geological formations, the number one golf course in Japan, Kominato Tetsudo, which continues to be loved by the region, abundant sports facilities, spots where you can feel the eternal history, Ichihara Art x Mix We will promote the creation of a tourist area by linking various resources in the city to "Satoyama, which is the closest to the world."

Economy: Expansion of exchange population, creation of related population

社会: Fostering attachment and pride

Environment: Appropriate management and conservation of forest and satoyama environment

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Ichihara City HP:https://www.city.ichihara.chiba.jp/article?articleId=60237233ece4651c88c1808f (External link)

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