Keiyo Shooting Club

 A clay pigeon shooting range designated by the Chiba Prefectural Public Safety Commission (with a dining room) that held the Chiba National Athletic Meet in 2010.In addition to the management and management of shooting ranges, it also sells, stores, and manages shooting cartridges, consigns hunting gun storage, and sells shooting accessories.
There are two trap shooting surfaces (also used as a field), one skeet shooting surface (also used as a field), a high tower, and equipment for rabbit shooting.We carry out beginner training and skill training (consigned by the Chiba Prefecture Public Safety Commission and commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Department).
The annual number of visitors is about 1, and it is used by individuals and various groups from top athletes to beginners.


Keiyo Shooting Club

Phone Number

0436-75-5507 (FAX: 0436-75-5004)


290 Inunari, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 0166-961

Business hours

Summer (April 4st to the end of October) 1: 10-9: 00 * Reception until 17:30
Winter (November 11st to the end of March) 1: 3-9: 00 * Reception until 17:00

Regular holidays

In principle, Tuesday (If Tuesday is a national holiday, the next Wednesday)
However, it is closed for the year-end and New Year holidays (schedule confirmation required)

Parking Lot

Yes 150


Please check the price from HP

Payment Method

Cash / credit card / electronic money

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