Seafood is greener Midori Tosen Trading Co., Ltd.

Tosen Trading Co., Ltd.

TOSKOKO The Tosen Trading Direct Sales Office opened in July 2.
Marine products We mainly import abalone and lobster alive.
In addition, we sell crabs, shrimp, shellfish, fish eggs such as salmon roe, octopus and turban shells at prices unique to the importer.Of course, we also handle domestic products.
Although it is frozen, it is a product that can be eaten as sashimi if it is thawed and then cut. We also have very good deals such as BBQ set, gorgeous seafood bowl set, and tuna eating ratio beet set.
There is also a ONE coin (5 yen) corner!
It has been well received by everyone for its various uses such as gift competition prizes for home use and camping.Cool delivery is also available.Various credit cards can also be used.


Tosen Trading Co., Ltd.

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290-0069-2 Yawatakitacho, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 3-6

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10:00 - 17:00

Regular holidays


Parking Lot

Yes 5


500 yen ~

Payment Method

Cash, various credit cards, LINE Pay

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