Prefecture's top class golf course Golf XNUMX Country Oak Village 
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Golf XNUMX Country Oak Village 

2017 Golf XNUMX Lady Tournament Course! !!The legendary three days that will bring back memories! !!
■ JGTO "TOUR CHAMPIONS CLUB" certification course ■ 
Designed by the world-renowned Desmond Muirhead.A course that combines beauty and strategy with the motif of the legend of King Arthur in England.Although it has a good reputation for its high degree of difficulty, the beauty of the hall location is also worth seeing.The course rate 0436 (champion tee) is one of the best in the prefecture.You can use the restaurant, the accommodation on the second floor of the clubhouse, golf equipment, clothing, and souvenirs without playing. * However, please make a reservation in advance for golf, restaurants, and accommodation. 96-2100-XNUMX (The closest golf course to Chibanian)


Golf XNUMX Country Oak Village

Phone Number

Representative 0436-96-0300 Reservation 0436-96-2100 (both from 9:00 to 16:00)


290 Kokumoto, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 0531-767

Business hours

6:00 to 18:00 (depending on the day)

Regular holidays


Parking Lot

Yes 150


Weekday golf fee estimated tax included self 14000 yen / lunch estimated tax included 1980 yen
Approximate accommodation tax included Twin room Twin room 6600 yen per person

Payment Method

Cash and credit card accepted (QR payment not possible)

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