Ichihara City Rest House

At the rest house, the bathing facility is operated by effectively utilizing the residual heat from the Fukumasu Clean Center incineration facility.There is a health room equipped with exercise equipment to improve health, and a Japanese-style room for breaks and gatherings, so that you can relax freely.It is used by many citizens, such as groups and families who use it after enjoying sports and warming.


Ichihara City Rest House

Phone Number



290-0202 Fukumasu, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 124-1 Ichihara City Rest House

Business hours

10: 30-20: 30 * Admission is until 20:00

Regular holidays

Every Wednesday (the next day if Wednesday is a national holiday), year-end and New Year holidays (12/30/31, 1/1-3)

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