A place related to Mr. Chiba!Kofukuzenji where you can feel the romance of history

Kofukuzenji Temple (Cafe Mizue)

Saze is a place related to Mr. Chiba, and Saze Castle was built by Mr. Mariya, who has the same ancestors as Mr. Kai Takeda, along with Otaki Castle and Kururi Castle.If you visit the quiet and tall land of Sayo, you can feel the romance of history, thinking that these clans have made a big force in the land of Boso and disappeared in the passage of time. Let's do it.
Cafe Mizue: There is an open cafe in the precincts.We also have a wide selection of coffee, pizza and other menus.Please drop in.                                       


Kofukuzenji Temple (Cafe Mizue)

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290 Saze, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 0229-1097

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