Many appearances in the media!Kominato Tetsudo Co., Ltd., a local railway that Ichihara is proud of

Kominato Tetsudo Co., Ltd.

Kominato Tetsudo Co., Ltd. was established on May 6, 5.In addition to railways, we also operate fixed-route buses, sightseeing buses, and highway buses bound for Shinjuku and Haneda Airport.As an initiative, we are also working on "reverse development" to restore the natural state mainly in front of the station, and in 19, we will work with the station and railway itself to integrate with the satoyama environment along the railway line, and with many people living there. We received the Good Design Award for our collaborative reverse development and revitalization activities.We hold events on weekends, and we also hold limited-time events on the Boso Satoyama trolley train.In addition, there are many attractions along the railway line, such as rape blossoms in spring, colored leaves around the Yoro Valley in autumn, and other Chibanians.In addition, you can enjoy a steam locomotive tour at the head office.The station building is an old building that is often used for photography, and has appeared on TV and commercials.Twenty-two facilities, including a historic station building, have been registered as national tangible cultural properties.Kominato Tetsudo original goods are also on sale and can be purchased at manned stations and online shops.Enjoy Kominato Tetsudo in Satoyama on weekends!


Kominato Tetsudo Co., Ltd.

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290-0054-1 Goichuohigashi 2-chome, Ichihara XNUMX-XNUMX

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9:00 - 17:30

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2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

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