Twelve-za Kagura is a city-designated intangible folk cultural property, Kagura of Nemoto Shrine

Kagura at Nemoto Shrine

It enshrines the XNUMXth generation of Tenjin and the XNUMXth generation of Chijin, and is known as the Juniso Gongen-sama.The XNUMX-za Kagura, which originated in the Kyoho era, is an intangible folk cultural property designated by the city.Includes XNUMX Kagura costumes from that time.It consists of XNUMX songs such as Tengu no Mai, Sumiyoshi-sama, Miko no Mai, and Yama no Kami.


61 Umatate, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture

Phone Number

0436-23-9853 (Ichihara City Hometown Culture Division)

Parking Lot



About XNUMX minutes on foot from Kominato Railway Umatate Station