Sightseeing train "Boso Satoyama Dolly" full of liberation

Kominato Tetsudo / Boso Satoyama Truck Train

Along the Kominato Railway, which runs north-south in the center of the Boso Peninsula, the satoyama spreads out about an hour from Tokyo and Yokohama, and you can enjoy the scenery rich in nature while being shaken by retro vehicles.There are 1 station buildings as they were when they opened in 14, and among them, Kazusa-Tsurumai Station, which has been certified as one of the "7 Best Stations in Kanto", is used for advertisements and movies and is visited by many photographers.Why don't you take a trip to enjoy the four seasons of Satoyama with all five senses on the "Boso Satoyama Minecart", a sightseeing train with a feeling of liberation that ecologically reproduces the locomotive that was actually running.


Kominato Tetsudo / Boso Satoyama Truck Train

Phone Number



290-0054-1 Goichuohigashi, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 2-XNUMX

Regular holidays

Open all year round Boso Satoyama dolly is limited operation


~ 2,500 yen

Payment Method

Cash * IC card cannot be used

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