Lake Takataki (Takataki Lake Tourism Business Association)

Takataki Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in the prefecture, and you can enjoy nature and water throughout the four seasons.It is a famous spot for anglers, and frequent competitions are held and it is often featured in specialized magazines.Bass fishing is popular from spring to summer, and smelt fishing is popular from autumn to winter.


Lake Takataki (Takataki Lake Tourism Business Association)

Phone Number

0436-98-1277 (FAX: 0436-98-1279)


290-0557 Yoro Kashiwano, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 1365-1

Business hours

3月6:00~17:00 4月~9月15日5:30~17:30
9月16日~10月20日6:00~17:00 10月21~11月30日 6:00~16:00
12月~2月6:30~16:00 12月31日6:30~15:00
1月2日8:00~15:00 1月3日8:00~15:00

Regular holidays

New Year

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Free walking * Smelt fishing experience, boat use is charged, please check the HP price list.

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