Uchida no Mori Yonezawa no Mori Conservation and regeneration activities and utilization of nature, history and culture in the Uchida area (Yonezawa, Shingaya, inn)

● Work on restoration of the natural environment, conservation of biodiversity, and depopulation measures in the Uchida area
● Work on rice cultivation and biodiversity by regenerating abandoned cultivated land in Yatsuda
● Learn about the history of the region by investigating and excavating ancient burial mounds, ancient roads, stone Buddhas, castle ruins, etc. by preserving and maintaining the natural history and culture of the Uchida area. ● Promote conservation activities as a treasure of the region.The scenery of "Mijuhachiya" at the top of Yonezawa is one of the rare scenery points in the prefecture, the Pacific Ocean in the east, Mt. Fuji over Tokyo Bay in the west, the buildings and Sky Tree in the center of Tokyo in the northwest, and the north side. Overlooking Mt. Nantai in Nikko over Chiba Port and Makuhari Messe
● Activities that "protect nature protects nature" will connect efforts to prevent global warming to posterity


Uchida district

Phone Number

0436-92-1196 (FAX: 0436-92-1196)


290-0509 Akuya, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 102-8

Business hours

Events such as Satoyama experience activities and nature observation sessions are held from 9:00 to 16:00        

Regular holidays

We accept at any time.

Parking Lot

Yes (1 cars in Hagaike No. 20 parking lot / 3 cars in Uguisu Line No. 10 parking lot)  


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