Team VONDS Ichihara who is proud to support and support all the citizens

Soccer Citizen's Club VONDS Ichihara / VONDS Ichihara Green Park

VONDS Ichihara aims to be a city where all the citizens support, support, and have a team that they can be proud of. It was born in 2011.The team name is "VONDS" by multiplying "BOND", which means "bond" that connects people, with "V" of victory.We are working to become a true community-based team.

VONDS Ichihara Exclusive Grand VONDS Green Park

There are two soccer fields, natural turf and artificial turf, on the site surrounded by lush nature.With the concept of nature, it is the only soccer field in Japan that is not surrounded by the internet.
It is possible to overlook the ground from the break room and terrace provided in the administration building, and not only VONDS Ichihara players but also children and friends playing soccer tournaments from children to adults can be seen. You can watch the game up close.
In addition, there is a special nursing home for the elderly next to VONDS Green Park, which is a new place for citizens to interact with Ichihara City, which has never been seen before, by gathering a wide variety of communities from children to the elderly. It is a policy to use it.


290-0167, Kita, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 890-1

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0436-75-2015 Bons City FC Secretariat

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