Chiba Yomiuri Country Club is full of projects that are constantly entertaining in the great outdoors

Chiba Yomiuri Country Club

As a public course, it is full of plans to constantly entertain customers with the idea of ​​popularizing golf.As for the event, we hold "Kezute Golf" where you can get a special fee by scraping one scratch and "Round Plus 1" which is a putting contest with no participation fee.In addition, depending on the period, we are also planning "working prime 1 years old or younger support fee" and "beginner support fee". It is also possible to play with 49 people per group.The passenger cart is equipped with a navigation system, and you can print the score on your way home by entering the score.Why don't you enjoy playing golf with your friends in the wilderness?


Chiba Yomiuri Country Club

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290 Mieyama, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 0228-1

Business hours

6: 05-19: 00 * Varies depending on the season

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Yes 191

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Cash credit card

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