The largest number of elephants in Japan ANIMAL WONDER REZOURT Ichihara Elephant Country

ANIMAL WONDER REZOURT Ichihara elephant country

Ichihara Elephant Country, located in the center of Chiba Prefecture, is home to XNUMX elephants, the largest number of elephants in Japan, as well as about XNUMX species of animals such as capybaras and hippos.The "Elephant Show", where dynamic performances such as soccer and dancing, are held almost every day, and there is an "Elephant Ride" where you can ride on the elephant's back, and an "Elephant Lift" where you can hang on the elephant's nose. ” and other attractions are also held.In addition, you can feed most of the herbivorous animals in the park, making it a zoo where you can get up close and personal.Sayuri Sakamoto, the kindergarten director, is the author of the movie "The Boy Who Became a Star".The Asian elephant Randy, who became the model for the movie, also lives there.


ANIMAL WONDER REZOURT Ichihara elephant country

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290 Yamakogawa, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture 0521-937

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10:00 - 16:30

Regular holidays

Every Thursday from March to November (Wednesday / Thursday, temporary closure during other periods), open on public holidays Please refer to the website for details.

Parking Lot

Yes 300


Adults (junior high school students and above) ¥ 2,200 * As of 2021.8.18

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Various credit cards, electronic payment, etc.

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