Ichihara Takeout Marche

Don't lose to the new coronavirus!Ichihara do my best Eat and support
(Lunch box shop at Ichihara Umauma stand)

Date and time: Wednesday, July 3st and Thursday, July 7nd, 21rd year of Reiwa, from 22:11 to 15:XNUMX
Location: 1-9-8 Sarashina, Ichihara City Yume Hall (TEL.0436-37-1198)

Take-out food and drink sales event Ichihara City Takeout Marche (Ichihara Umauma stand lunch box shop) will be held! !!
From the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the economic activity has been sluggish due to the continued refraining from going out, which has caused a great economic impact on restaurants in Ichihara City.
Many people still refrain from eating out, and the difficult business situation continues.
In order to support restaurants in Ichihara city, we planned an event to sell take-out products of each participating store.
Citizens who are refraining from eating at restaurants can also purchase the tastes of famous restaurants and take them home without having to be three-csed.

(Please read the notes)
◆ Please measure the temperature, disinfect your hands, and wear a mask.If you feel unwell, please contact us to cancel your reservation (080-1240-7900 on the day).
◆ It may be canceled due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.
◆ We are planning to sell it on the day, but if you want to get the product surely, please make a reservation in advance.
If the item is sold out by pre-order, it may not be sold on the day of the event.
◆ The product will be normal temperature or cold.If necessary, heat it at your home or office before consuming.

◆ Please use the advance reservation form to place an order
July 7 form https://ws.formzu.net/dist/S16666389/
July 7 form https://ws.formzu.net/dist/S33106595/

◆ Please check the stores opened each day and detailed information below.
July 7 information List of store openings(PDF 1000KB)
July 7 information List of store openings(PDF 1000KB)

Information on participating stores (please use other than events)

Tokita Shoten:https://ichihara-kankou.or.jp/introduce/tokitasyouten/
India Sri Lanka Restaurant Samanara:https://ichihara-kankou.or.jp/introduce/samanara/
Valley Dot Net:https://keikoku.net/
Hisamatsu Cooking Delivery Center:https://www.shidashi-chiba.jp/
café Usagiya:https://cafeusagiya.com/
BAACUS ICHIHARA:https://twitter.com/castelabo
Second Clover Academy:https://kurobakai.com/clover2-campus/
Home-cooked restaurant Ofukurotei:https://page.line.me/cve0155i
Restaurant:https://www.facebook.com/eeshokudou.hakusen/posts/288569 569658782
Etsuko's Healthy Cooking:https://ichihara-kankou.or.jp/introduce/healthy-cooking/
Kominato Tetsudo Co., Ltd .:https://www.kominato.co.jp/
CAFE KRUZE:https://www.facebook.com/CAFE-KRUZE-956794154365423/
(External link)