Monthly fun market A lively market

 If you buy herb seedlings, you will be taught how to grow them and how to use herbs, and you can draw your favorite pictures on stones as you like. I visited the "Ushiku Nigiwai Market".


I was fascinated by the huge castella.It is sold by Mikawaya.It is sold in grams and will be cut and shown in front of you.Next to the booth, there is also a shooting corner by the store, which seems to be fun.At the organic cookie shop, we asked them to carefully explain the deliciousness and health of the products.There is a shop where you can find delicious tapioca, pesticide-free vegetables, fashionable pressed flower candles and handicrafts, a solo exhibition of paintings is held in the booth, and bamboo work is amazing.While I was excited about where to start, I was curious about the small white tent.A XNUMX-year-old girl who likes to make accessories has opened a shop for her work (parents participate in another booth).The small size of the shop, the smile of the young shop owner, and the literal signboard "Cute shop shop".
The venue of the Ushiku Nigiwai Market is the parking lot of Miyama Stationery Store in front of Kazusa-Ushiku Station on the Kominato Railway.It is held on the second Sunday of every month.Approximately XNUMX stores from other cities, mainly locals, participate each time, but since the executive committee adjusts so that the product contents are not covered, food and drink, handicrafts and art works, miscellaneous goods, games , Workshops, etc. are well-balanced and varied, making it an event that can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups.
While new products appear on a monthly basis, there are also standard popular products.One of them is a croquette burger with Azumado bread sandwiched between croquettes from Azumaya Butcher Shop.It is a specialty created by collaboration between Japanese and Western confectionery stores, butcher shops, and shops in the shopping district.Collaboration products of croquette and Norimaki from Harukiya are also popular.Various other booths are lined up, and the attractiveness of connecting people is bustling as a warm market.

A market born from local love

The organizer, Minoru Ogane, has been running "Soratane Herb Farm" in Ushiku for four years, planting lavender along the Kominato Railway, which has few flowers, in Ushiku, and eventually Ichihara City. I am working on a project with a dream of making it a fragrant city.The reason for starting the market was "It was the end of XNUMX. I wondered if I could hold an event to revitalize the shopping streets and townscape of Ushiku. Handmade goods writers living in Ushiku, restaurants, and childhood friends. When I called out to him, he gathered about XNUMX stores, "he said.The pots of herbs and plants are lined up, and the recipes for growing, using, and cooking are carefully taught according to the requests of visitors.
Ayumi Yamauchi, who provided the information, is a young proprietress of "Yamauchi Stone" who runs a stone industry in Ushiku.Fascinated by handmade, he started painting on stones.While opening a store in the market as "ArtStone Ayumu" where you can "draw on stones", he also works as an executive committee member by posting nearly XNUMX leaflets. "It's hard for me as an individual, so I united with eight people. We're all doing our best," he said. "I'm looking forward to it once a month. I want you to come and visit with your friends and make it a place to interact. I want the city of Ushiku to be crowded. I'm really glad that Mr. Ogane started. I'm happy to draw a picture on a stone for the first time. There are many people who come out. I would like to hold it every month in the future. "
A boy in the third grade of elementary school came to "ArtStone Ayumu".The interview was in December.The child, who participated in the Santa Claus hat prepared by the executive committee to liven up the market in the Christmas mood, was absorbed in painting on the stone.Mr. Yamauchi keeps the explanation to the minimum necessary, respects the drawing as the child wants, and watches alongside him.The boy said, "I drew a picture on a stone for the first time. It was a little difficult, but I enjoyed using various colors. I will decorate it at home." ..
In the evening section, a movie was screened by Yosuke Takahashi, who has been active as a cooperative team for regional revitalization in Ichihara City, planned by "# I want to make a cafe in Ushiku." “I want to make a take-out coffee stand in Ushiku. I want you to go around the shopping street with a cup of coffee and enjoy it with the delicious food in the shopping street,” says Takahashi.That dream came true on March XNUMXth at Kazusa-Ushiku Station in front of the venue.
Mr. Ogane specifically describes the future of the market, saying, "As a measure against rain, we would like to consider indoor stores that use vacant stores and spread them throughout the city."It is said that there are stores from Kisarazu and Sakura because they can be healed in a relaxed and free atmosphere.A lively market where the thoughts of people who love the city of Ushiku come and go.A parking lot for visitors and a space where you can taste the purchased products are also available free of charge.
Inquiries: Soratane Herb Farm, Mr. Ogane
* The event may be postponed or canceled depending on the situation.Please check before you go out.