A brave figure who stands up from difficulties many times Kominato Tetsudo Boso Satoyama trolley departure progress!

 A series of typhoons and heavy rain disasters last fall.Kominato Tetsudo, which was damaged many times and some sections were closed, got on the longed-for Boso Satoyama trolley observation vehicle on a summer day six months after the entire line was opened after three months of restoration work.

It's like a big basket.I'm excited from the moment I get in.The departure time has come and the dolly has begun to move, and the vegetation that is approaching as close as possible, the wind that crosses the rice fields that spread out, the river that flows with the beautiful water mirrored by the clouds floating in the blue sky ... The view is also fragrant. A railroad trip where you can enjoy both the sound and the sound directly has begun.A feeling of openness of the observation vehicle that is unobstructed between the nature of the satoyama and yourself. The station building of the station on the way where many wind chimes are hung, the retro chairs in the waiting room, the wooden carved dolls, etc., are so beautiful, cute, and powerful that you might think that they have the nickname of "Wind Bell Station". It's fun to watch the objects that give you.

On the way, you can get off the vehicle and shop at the station that stops a little longer.The day of the interview is a hot summer day.After buying shaved ice and ramune and taking a picture, I asked the two women who had a good relationship with each other about their impressions. When I entered, it was pitch black, and I felt like I was suddenly at night, enjoying the attractions. " "The locals who saw the trolley train passing by waved towards us. It's just a few seconds of waving hands from children to adults, but it's a very warm feeling. I let you do it. "
Certainly, the people who saw the trolley train smiled and waved from the driver's seat window of the car, from a distant house, and beyond the railroad crossing bar.Many people reach out and shake their hands as much as they can.It was more than I expected.I can't think of a moment when I meet so many adults for the first time and smile at each other.
Kominato Tetsudo was damaged by the typhoon last fall.A typhoon came again during the restoration, and the days of restoration work.There was an unprecedented heavy rain this time.When the reconstruction finally took place, the problem of the new corona infection arose ... "Welcome back!" And "Don't lose!" ], Isn't it included?Eventually, we arrived at Yoro Valley Station, the final stop.I also wanted to try it in other seasons.

● Autumn Boso Satoyama Dolly Information

"Thank you very much to everyone who cooperated" and "Thank you for waiting!", Many "likes" and joyful voices were sent to the official SNS proclaiming the opening of the entire line.In response to the expectations and support of many people, including Kominato Tetsudo fans, the service will continue this fall. The service will be suspended on December XNUMXth in winter.Spring and cherry blossom season are also wonderful, and various event trains are available throughout the year.
By the way, the vehicle does not have a toilet.For those who are worried about traveling with infants or toilets, come by private car to Kazusa-Ushiku Station on the way instead of from Goi Station, which is the first train, and park your car in the parking lot in front of the station (parking fee XNUMX yen per day). We also recommend a way to enjoy a one-hour ride to the valley.

◇ Kaiseki cuisine trolley train
A plan to go from Goi Station to Yoro Valley Station while enjoying kaiseki cuisine on the trolley train.With souvenirs
◇ Ichihara Elephant Country + Truck Train Plan
GoTo Travel Business Support Target From Goi Station.City by trolley train

To the land of the original elephant.Use a regular train on the way back.With shuttle bus
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