One plate menu native to all cities- "i plate" is born! ~

On a wooden plate in the shape of an eye, dishes of various colors and shapes look delicious.This "i plate", which uses agricultural products native to the city for all dishes, was developed by Felicia, a restaurant in the city and inns.Felicia is a restaurant that has a reputation for delicious Western food and homemade cakes, including roast beef, and is enthusiastic about local production for local consumption, such as growing vegetables in-house.It has been certified as a local production for local consumption promotion cooperation store in Ichihara City.

 Mr. Naomi Ueda, the owner of the restaurant, commented on the reason for devising the i-plate. "I have used salads that are particular about making vegetables from Ichihara for almost all menus, but what are the dishes that use more ingredients from Ichihara? I was wondering if I could do it. At that time, I received a voice from the city's Agriculture and Forestry Promotion Division about the "farmer restaurant business," and it came to fruition. "The farmer restaurant business is for the purpose of promoting local production for local consumption and expanding the new exchange population, and the city subsidizes the project cost for the efforts of restaurants that use self-cultivated agricultural products and agricultural products produced in the city. ..

Ichihara's "i", Ichihara's "love"
"I plate" that was consciously named

 The main part of the i-plate is Ichihara's vegetables, which are plentiful in the center of the plate. “At this time of year, we use vegetables that are rarely seen in supermarkets, such as red mustard, coral leaf, and violet stars of Komatsuna. It depends on the season, but I want to use as many types as possible,” says Ueda.The other main dish is roast pork made from pork native to the city.The special pigs carefully raised by the farmers are divided and roasted. "It's soft thigh meat with moderately sweet fat and it's very delicious. Pork is rich in nutrients! I definitely want you to eat it," he says with confidence.The ingredients, including rice, are all native to the city, such as fried chicken with basil sauce, marinated green papaya with a crunchy texture, and Japanese-style quiche with vegetables and eggs.Mr. Ueda, who was born and raised in Ichihara. "I started a shop in Ichihara, connected with various people, received the voice of this project, and rediscovered that there are many things in Ichihara. I will tell customers the charm of Ichihara's food as much as possible with this i-plate. I wish I could be able to do it. I value the smiles and satisfaction of our customers and try to have a balanced meal as much as possible. When I hear the happy laughter of customers while eating, I feel relaxed and happy. I want to continue to liven up Ichihara with the people who are working hard in Ichihara. "An unveiling event was also held inviting local patrons and related parties to hear their opinions on the new menu.From the participants, "A plate that makes the best use of each ingredient and gives a feeling of love" "The combination of sauces and seasonings that match the ingredients is wonderful" "The colors are cute, especially salads, and it is also popular on SNS etc. I heard a voice saying, "Let's go out."It is also available in stores from this month.
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