Chibanian maintenance plan formulation! -The facility will be in service from the XNUMXth year of Reiwa-

 Chibanian, a geomagnetic reversal stratum approved by the International Union of Geological Sciences IUGS as a Global Boundary Stratotype (GSSP), a national natural monument.The city has formulated the "Geomagnetic Reversal Strata Development Basic Plan for the Yoro River Basin Tabuchi" around the stratum so that many people can visit and interact with each other.In addition to the guidance facility, the Takimae Square and the outcrop tour facility are also designed with an easy-to-use universal design while taking advantage of the abundant nature, aiming to preserve and utilize the geomagnetic reversal stratum.

Utilization and preservation, inheritance to posterity

 Ichihara City received approval from the IUGS for the Global Boundary Stratospheric Stratographs and Points (GSSP) of the Chibanian in January XNUMX, and in March of that year, the "National Natural Monument Yorogawa Basin Tabuchi Geomagnetic Reversal Formation Formulated "Preservation and Utilization Plan".This is a basic policy for inheriting the stratum for posterity, and the newly established plan is a maintenance plan that has been embodied for actual disclosure and use.The area to be maintained is the designated area for natural monuments and the adjacent land connected to the prefectural road.We will promote the preservation and inheritance of natural monuments so that they can be utilized in more attractive town development.
 Prior to the approval of the IUGS, Chibanian has been visited by many visitors since it went up to the GSSP candidate site, and local residents have been carrying out daily maintenance such as weeding of guides and sidewalks.Even now, the visitor center is operated and guide training courses are held to accommodate visitors (closed during an emergency declaration to prevent the spread of corona infection).In the city, "Participation in the management and operation of citizens and residents becomes attachment and pride to the area, and by further improving this, we can create exchanges and liveliness among visitors such as education, research, tourism, etc. , Produces various ripple effects. "

The theme is "experience field"

 The Chibanian strata are found in the middle reaches of the Yoro River, which flows through the southern part of the Boso Peninsula, and include the geological age boundary between the "Early Pleistocene" and the "Middle Pleistocene".The strata deposited on the seafloor were uplifted due to crustal movements, and were further scraped by the erosion of the Yoro River to become outcrops, making the topography visible to everyone.As for the stratum, since it was in the deep sea before and after the geomagnetic reversal phenomenon, the sediments are continuously layered and it is easy to observe.There is also the "Shirao Volcanic Ash Formation", which makes it easier to visually recognize the geomagnetic reversal formation and helps to identify the age.Microfossil and pollen fossils that can restore the environment at that time are also preserved in the stratum and are very valuable places.
 There are few places where you can learn about the dynamic nature of the earth.In the maintenance plan, the city set the theme of what it should aim for and its concrete image as "a" Chibanian "experience field where you can learn and inherit the great nature and culture."The area is divided into four zones.

① Entrance zone: Set up a parking lot near the entrance from the prefectural road, which is an access road
② Lecture zone: You can get an overview at the exhibition of the guidance facility before visiting the site.Take a walk while observing the outcrops along the tributary with the guide's explanation and commentary board.Proceed to the outcrops along the Yoro River while raising expectations
③ Cultural experience zone: Tour important historical and cultural resources to know the area.Group lectures can be taken at the well-maintained multipurpose open space
④ Nature experience zone: Experience the valuable geomagnetic reversal strata and feel the scale of the strata

 We will hold special exhibitions and workshops at this place to provide learning opportunities as a place for science learning in Ichihara City ("Science Room in Ichihara City"), aiming to experience the mystery and greatness of the geomagnetic reversal stratum. ..In addition, it is also considered that educational use will be carried out not only inside and outside the prefecture and outside the city, but also as a place for off-campus learning according to the class unit of elementary and junior high school students and high school students.
 The facility can be used as a place for many people to interact, sell agricultural products, and play an active role for artists active in the area. By making it a universal design, consideration is given to making it safe, secure, and comfortable for various people to visit. To do.The service will start in the XNUMXth year of Reiwa.As a core base in the Minami Ichihara area, we are also aiming for a ripple effect of regional development.
(Images and materials provided by: Ichihara City Hometown Culture Division)