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 "Ichihara City Ossa-kun's Kitchen" in the cooking recipe posting / search service "Cookpad" is attracting attention.The city's mascot character, Ossa-kun, introduced the menu so that it could be used by the citizens.In addition to menus that take into consideration each life stage such as baby food, infant food, lifestyle-related disease prevention food such as diabetes, and undernutrition prevention food, a variety of recipes such as agricultural products and local dishes in the city are updated every month.There is also a blog, and health information and event information are also being sent.
 According to the Health Center of the Health and Welfare Department of Ichihara City Hall, which is the section in charge, although enlightenment is being carried out at events and projects related to health and food conducted by Ichihara City, people with high interests tend to gather. "Reduction" is in a difficult situation.Therefore, the city's official kitchen was opened in "Cookpad," which is used by both men and women of all ages and is familiar to citizens.Introducing healthy menus that consider life stages from infants to the elderly and posting information on dietary education will become one of the health promotion that unknowingly blends into the daily lives of citizens, and by extension, Ichihara. The aim is to lead to the extension of healthy life expectancy and the reduction of health inequalities, which are the overall goals of the health promotion plan.
 Ossa-kun is trying to cook and eat ... One of the staff members who also publishes fun videos, Mr. Eguchi, a registered dietitian, said, "It's been three years since I opened, and people who aren't interested in health are healthy before they know it. We are preparing an environment where you can get in touch with information that you can become. Through "Ichihara City Ossa-kun's Kitchen", not only Ichihara citizens but also people outside the city and prefecture will know the charm of Ichihara City, and "health before you know it." I'm hoping that the number of people who say "Ichihara City" will increase as much as possible. The official kitchen of the city may have a solid image, but from among the many recipes, many people said "Ichihara City Ossa-kun's Kitchen". I am very happy and grateful to have read "Tsukurepo" from the person who actually made it. I will continue to promote health promotion and food education, and at the same time, citizens. I would like to devise a recipe while being aware of what information I need now. "
 Each recipe is posted in cooperation with related departments within the agency and external organizations related to food education, but while continuing that cooperation, dishes using agricultural products in the city and local dishes are , It seems that they are considering getting recipes from the general public.
Inquiries: Ichihara City Hall Health and Welfare Department Health Center

☆ With corn soup ♪ Easy risotto ☆
・ Materials (for 1 person)
 1 bag of corn soup Hot water about 150cc Rice 100g
 1 egg Cheese for pizza 20g 3 cherry tomatoes 1 teaspoon olive oil
・ How to make
① Make corn soup in the specified amount, add rice and mix.
② Put the egg and loosen it firmly so that there is no lump.
③ Put cherry tomatoes cut in half and pizza cheese on top, and heat in a 600W range for about 2 minutes without wrapping.
④ Sprinkle with olive oil and it's done.