Sports director who rejoices and struggles with his students' "No. XNUMX in Japan" -Kazuto Suda, Chairman of Nanohana AC, a general incorporated association-

 Mr. Kazuto Suda, who lives in Ichihara City, has a great track record as a sports instructor.As an advisor to the high school track and field club in the city, a total of 15 people have been produced at Inter-High for XNUMX consecutive years, XNUMX events in total.He won XNUMX times and won XNUMX times.After changing jobs, he will be involved in training and coaching for Olympic and professional athletes.In the fall of last year, we established "Nanohana AC (Athletic Club)" and started an athletics (sprint, hurdle, long jump) class with Ichihara City as the main practice base (Our paper February XNUMX, XNUMX). Articles related to the issue).I heard that he is struggling to promote local sports every day.

Ayumi as a leader

Mr. Suda (far right) who teaches children while running side by side

 Mr. Suda has been engaged in athletics since junior high school, graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education of Tokai University, and completed the Graduate School of Physical Education of the same graduate school.In XNUMX, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations sent many students to the Inter-High School Championships in the high school track and field club where they took up the teaching profession. Was awarded. "I'm sorry to be cheeky, but I think that by continuing athletics and teaching, I think that my strong body has patience, fellow leadership, and leadership to lead toward goals," he said with dynamism and passion. Self-analyze that he has an energetic personality that corresponds to his activities.
 In XNUMX, changed jobs to a sports training related company.He has repeated duties such as training coaches and programming for Olympic athletes, professional athletes, Japanese business teams and sports teams of universities and high schools, and has also sent Japanese national athletes to the world championships and Asian championships."Understanding opinions and feelings, treating them with compassion and a fair perspective. I have practiced while exploring cutting-edge training knowledge and prescriptions," he says earnestly.
 Specializes in exercise prescription (training program conditioning), sports biomechanics (athletic movements and human movement mechanisms), coaching studies, sports sociology (the ideal way of leaders required by modern sports), etc. "Gymnastics" and "More Amazing Baseball Gymnastics-Baseball Muscle Training Program-" have been published by Baseball Magazine.Currently, as a lecturer at Toin University of Yokohama, he is in charge of sports-related classes. "Students are passing on a variety of knowledge and technical skills so that they can respond to the rapidly evolving sports society."

XNUMXst place in the prefectural multi-sport event and long jump

 On the other hand, he started a limited liability company, Lampad, and is also developing sports-related businesses such as training guidance and seminars.It seems that there are many opportunities to be instructors of seminars organized by the Japan Sports Association, the Japanese Baseball League, and the High Body Federation.In October of last year, "Nanohana AC" was established, and started a support project for sports and education in the area centered on Chiba prefecture, as well as health promotion activities, and continues to this day.
 Mr. Suda continues to run, having participated in the national polity three times in the long jump and still winning a prize in the long jump of the All Japan Masters.My hobbies are kitchen garden and reading.When building a house, the vegetable garden space secured from the time of design is filled with seasonal plants and various kinds of vegetables.I have been writing a practice diary every day since I started athletics, and there are dozens of university notebooks on the blue cover.The bookshelf is lined with a large number of back numbers and books of sports magazines that I have been reading every issue since junior high school, and it seems to tell the story of a sincere and hot track and field life that I have been running hard.
 Filial piety at home with family feelings. "My son, a college student living alone, is also long jumping. When I send him a video of my practice, I also give advice ... It's a nice time. When I was in the second year of high school, I was ranked XNUMXth in the whole country, and when I was in high school The record was easily broken. I would like to participate in the same tournament together someday. My wife has been working in a long-term care facility for many years. He's good at cooking. I now know that he was protecting my family by myself. It seems that I want to work harder in society than myself, so I'm old enough to help each other with nursing care. Until then, I wonder if we can do our favorite jobs now. "My hometown is Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. For my XNUMX-year-old mother, I go home every week to cook meals. "You can do anything, simmered or fried. The registered dietitian's mother always praises me with half a tease," she laughs bitterly.

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 Self-proclaimed memo demon.It is said that it is a blissful time to read two newspapers every day, cite the written words, and devise a draft of the rapeseed AC HP. "Please take a look at the website. The staff, who are former students and have a great track record in competition, are proud to compose my writings and thoughts while raising three children."The activity report, which is updated on the same day, also introduces children's lively practice scenes.
"Children enjoy the competition just by running. Parents who never get tired of seeing the innocent smile that they show when they can do what they couldn't do are already there. It's great! I want to continue to focus on discovering and training athletes and sports leaders. "