Creating a local landscape with rows of cherry blossom trees Local power to support mowing work behind the scenes-Sakura-sankai-

 The volunteer group "Sakura-sankai" received the Prime Minister's Commendation for the Greening Promotion Movement at the "XNUMXth Green Ceremony" held at the Parliamentary Museum in Tokyo on April XNUMX, this year.The association was established XNUMX years ago. It was adopted as a citizen proposal project at the "Ichihara City XNUMX Citizens' Conference for Thinking about Future Town Development" and started as the "Machizukuri Cherry Tree Planting Project" in February XNUMX.The goal is to create a landscape that can be expected to be visited by tourists from outside the city, and the undergrowth mowing activity of cherry blossom trees to maintain the landscape is positioned as the most important activity.

For a relaxing walk course

This is the XNUMXth year of the activities of "Sakura-sankai".Last year, the annual general meeting and cherry-blossom viewing party that had been held every year were canceled due to the Korona-ka.The board meetings that were absolutely necessary were held several times on a small scale, and mask meetings were held in a short time, avoiding the three crowds.However, outdoor mowing and pruning activities are carried out XNUMX days a year as originally planned.There are four Yoro River embankment roads: Kamiyo Bridge Deck (Futsukaichiba) in the middle reaches of the Yoro River, Yamada Flower Road and Yamada Land on the downstream right side of Azu Bridge, Aikawa Waterside Park, and Otsubo Waterside Park. The area along the river covers a total length of XNUMX km.The total number of cherry trees planted so far has exceeded XNUMX, and we are also conducting an object installation activity to install the works of leading artists living in Ichihara City on this cherry blossom tree-lined road.Currently, a total of XNUMX fascinating objects of famous artists who have supported and cooperated with the activities of the association are installed in the whole area. I hope it will be a small diameter of Sato art, "says Chairman Masazo Kawauchi.
 The association also has a cheering song."Yoro Sakura" written by Miyo Fujino and composed by Mamoru Kubota, who lives in the city.This song will be played when you press the switch embedded in the object "Touch the Tree" that was installed last year next to the lyrics signboard near the eastern store in Aikawa Mizube Park.Kazuo Kagemasa, a member, said, "If you have a chance to take a walk in Aikawa Mizube Park, please press the switch of this object and listen to the song that is flowing. Especially, please be energetic with the second lyrics. I have received it. "Invisible heart, invisible hardship, I'm sure it will be fruitful someday. I want to respond to the gratitude of people. It's a good song to play, "he said with a big smile.

Cooperation of local companies boosts work

 The current issue in the activities of the association is that the average age of regular members who are in charge of mowing work is over XNUMX years old.While the number of participants in the work is decreasing, we work XNUMX days a year in the mowing area, which is still the same as before.The amount of work done by one person has increased.Mr. Kagemasa, who has been in the XNUMXth year of the activity, said, "I am running the section that was succeeded by the baton relay, but all of them are grandfathers who are over XNUMX years old, and I feel that the same work schedule as before. It takes twice as much energy to mow with a brush cutter while stepping on the slope. It is necessary for new members who are young and ready to work to participate. "

President Okubo (left) and Officer Oshima of Keiyo Greenery Co., Ltd.

 In such a situation, Keiyo Greenery Co., Ltd., which has been in business for XNUMX years, has been a big help for the association.Mr. Hiroaki Okubo, the president, said, "I have been watching the activities of Mr. Kawauchi, the chairman, and all the members from the beginning. Now, young employees mow the grass on the flat ground with a self-propelled mower while doing their main job, and sometimes mow. We are mowing the grass on the cliff slope with a brush cutter. Since mowing of undergrowth is indispensable for the growth of cherry blossom trees, we will help you with a little effort. However, I am proud of it as a local company. I say that continuation is power, but that's right, "he said.

Young employee with a brush cutter

 It is an activity that has been continued with the understanding and cooperation of more than XNUMX people including the government (Chiba prefecture and Ichihara city), local groups / companies, local residents, cherry blossom trees, but the aging of the members and the declining birthrate in the area. There are also various issues such as a decrease in the number of new members joining and the sustainable and stable securing of operating activity costs.Among them, the understanding and support of President Okubo of Keiyo Green Industry Co., Ltd. at this mowing site is said to be a great encouragement and power for the future maintenance and sustainability of the mowing activities of the association. "I am very grateful to President Okubo. It is an indispensable and thankful support. We are always looking for new members and people who want to hear from us, so we can mow the grass to prevent frailty. We look forward to hearing from you about the activity, "says Chairman Kawauchi.In addition to Keiyo Green Construction Co., Ltd., we are connected with many local companies through understanding and cooperation, and we are supporting the hardships that we cannot see the strong support for many years.I hope that the feelings of the community will be a big boost, and that the steady activity of mowing the greenery and the beautiful rows of cherry blossom trees will continue to be protected.
(Material provided by Kagemasa member)

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