"Goi Morning Market" The morning breeze that blows in the city at night! [Ichihara City]

 The morning market is held at the Arcade Shinko Plaza at the west exit of JR Goi Station from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX on the third Sunday of every month.Some stores sell bento boxes, local vegetables, fruits, etc., and sell out quickly.Lanterns are lit early in the morning in the night town where there are many taverns, and it is crowded with many citizens.

"Goi Morning Market" was launched by four participants of the city's course "XNUMXst Renovation School @ Ichihara" (held in December last year) aiming at regional revitalization. Masato Hoshino, the representative of "Hoshino Farm", Keiko Yamauchi, the representative of "Clover Cafe Clover", Yosuke Takahashi, the representative of "Kaiyakusha", and Poncha of "Boso Localist" (working at a company in Tokyo).The arcade was a shutter town with stores that had to be closed due to the Korona-ka and vacant stores. It is said that the four people arrived at "Goi Morning Market", thinking that it was important to attract people to the street after repeated field surveys and discussions in the course.
 In April of this year, the four started their activities.While cleaning up to create an environment, we increased the number of friends such as nearby stores, business and industry associations, other teams who participated in the same course, MUJI (Ario) staff, city hall staff, and the general public. “I learned about the efforts on SNS, and everyone helped me ... I enjoyed the work,” says Hoshino.At the same time, we called on neighboring stores to develop menus and open stores, and while tasting the breakfast menu together, we built relationships with each restaurant.
 The XNUMXst Goi Morning Market was finally held on August XNUMXth.From the city, there are Italian "Toran Toran", fruit "Omoriya", small dish "Toru", Western confectionery "Felicia", Hawaiian dish "Carioca", experimental farm "SUN Farm Ichihara", etc. in Chiba. The city also opened a store for house cleaning "Osouji Hitoshizuku", which is a natural material.In addition, young people with many dreams, such as Mr. Fukasawa, a twin who says, "We are planning a baked confectionery store" Yorokobinotane "that takes allergies into consideration," and Mr. Nagata, who says, "I want to connect local farmers and expand sales channels for fresh vegetables." Also gathered.Citizens visited early in the morning, the popular taco rice was sold out in about XNUMX minutes, and delicious fruit juices were ordered one after another.
 The number of store openings is increasing with each round.The owner of "Chicken Bar Ichi", who participated from the second time, said, "I've been closed at Corona for a long time, but I still want to welcome customers rather than staying still."The four members of the executive committee say, "I hope more and more people will know about the morning market and the bustle will return to the front of the station ...". Goi Asaichi, with the slogan "# Breakfast in the night town", conveys the aspiration and enthusiasm to liven up the area from person to person.The next schedule is November XNUMXst.You should definitely go out.

Inquiries: Masato Hoshino