I want to liven up the southern part of Ichihara with my friends! ~ Designer Yosuke Takahashi who energizes the area ~ [Ichihara City]

 Yoro Gorge is the latest spot in the Kanto region for autumn leaves, which is in full bloom from late November to December.The Kominato Railway, where the Satoyama dolly runs and the nearest station is located, is popular with visitors from Kanto and other prefectures.At Kazusa-Ushiku Station, one of the stops, there is a coffee stand that has the name of the founder, "# I want to make a cafe in Ushiku" (related article in the September 32, XNUMX issue of our paper). ).One of the founders, Yosuke Takahashi (XNUMX), has been engaged in various other activities as the first Ichihara City Regional Development Cooperation Corps (currently the term of office has expired).He talked to Mr. Takahashi.

Reasons for returning to Ichihara

Yosuke Takahashi

 Born in Saihiro, Ichihara, Takahashi used to draw pictures of butterflies and insects he caught because he liked collecting insects when he was a child.He was interested in crafts and painting in high school, moved to Tokyo and went to art university, and after graduating he worked as a graphic designer to get involved in design and manufacturing work.
"While working on the design of pamphlets, posters, logos, etc., I occasionally went home to Ichihara's parents' home and participated in rapeseed sowing volunteers. I came to want to return the technology I had acquired to my hometown. I just happened to find out about the Ichihara City Regional Development Cooperation Corps on the Internet and applied for it, thinking that it was just right! "
 The regional revitalization cooperation team is an initiative of each local government that works for the purpose of regional revitalization and promotion of the settlement of young people. In February XNUMX, Mr. Takahashi was nominated as the first in Ichihara City.

An example of a project we have been working on

The member who started "# I want to make a cafe in Ushihisa" with Mr. Takahashi (left)

 Mr. Takahashi, who returned to Ichihara for the first time in about XNUMX years, moved to the southern part of the city and started activities to protect the scenery of Ishigami's rape field along the Kominato Tetsudo line.While he participated in maintenance activities, he made rapeseed oil "Haruichiban" from rapeseed seeds and provided it to crowdfunding supporters along with the booklet "Yomharuichiban" that he designed the paper.
 On the other hand, with the wish of regional revitalization that we want you to go out to the town of Ushiku with a cup of coffee, visit the shopping street, and accompany your train trip, Takuya Sone and Haru Sone and three people at Ushiku Station. Opened a coffee stand specializing in take-out.It seems that the local residents helped me when I saw them working hard to create a store for "# I want to make a cafe in Ushihisa" with my friends.

Goi morning market and open house

 Mr. Takahashi continues his activities even after the three-year term of the regional revitalization cooperation team has expired.Sometimes activities in the northern part of Ichihara. As one of the executive committee members, he participates in the Goi Morning Market (an article related to the October XNUMX issue of our newspaper, Ichihara Chosei Isumi Edition), which is held once a month at the west exit of JR Goi Station on the morning of the third Sunday.In addition, another project that Mr. Takahashi is currently focusing on, "Kaiyakusha," is an effort to match vacant houses in the Kamo district in the southern part of Ichihara City with those who wish to move.We are conducting activities with Toru Komiyama and Mariko Hara to investigate the vacant house situation in the target area, borrow it from the owner, clean it up and repair it, and provide it to the residents.Mr. Kofukayama said about Mr. Takahashi, "I asked Mr. Takahashi if I would like to work on a vacant house project in the Kamo area together at the stage of launching, where the name of the house has not been decided yet, right after I graduated from university. I think that young people have gathered in the current Minami Ichihara because Mr. Takahashi moved to Minami Ichihara and continued to work on regional issues. "
 Mr. Hara said, "Takahashi-kun has the power to identify the essence of" what is really necessary "and create XNUMX to XNUMX. I feel that such a sense and the humanity that draws people around me are well combined, and I feel that I am going to activities in the area. By connecting, something interesting will be born. I want to create such a cycle as an open house. "

Public relations paper for the opening house "Monthly opening"

 Currently, there are XNUMX vacant houses in the Kamo area.Every month, we also publish a public relations magazine, "Monthly Opening Home," which features one common theme from three angles: migrants, indigenous people, and places. "I'm most happy that new people come in and the people in the area are happy. There is always a local person who helps with repairs, but that person's son comes to Ichihara. It was decided that I haven't lived completely in Tokyo and two bases yet, but when that happened, we were so happy that it was ... "says Mr. Takahashi with a smile.It is expected that Mr. Takahashi and his colleagues, who will continue to work together to revitalize the southern part of Ichihara City, will play an active role in the future.

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