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Junya Naito (26), who is active as a magician Piace from Ichihara City.Received the Rookie of the Year, the number one award in Japan for the most active young magicians in Japan at the Japan Cup, the largest in the magic world ... Continue here

On a wooden plate in the shape of an eye, dishes of various colors and shapes look delicious.This "i plate", which uses agricultural products native to the city for all dishes, was developed by Felicia, a restaurant in the city and inns.

Chibanian, a geomagnetic reversal stratum approved by the International Union of Geological Sciences IUGS as a Global Boundary Stratotype (GSSP), a national natural monument.Many people visit the city and interact with each other ... Click here for more information

"Ichihara City Ossa-kun's Kitchen" in the cooking recipe posting / search service "Cookpad" is attracting attention. ..Be familiar with the citizens ... Continue here

Mr. Kazuto Suda, who lives in Ichihara City, has a great track record as a sports instructor.As an adviser to the high school track and field club in the city, a total of 15 people have been produced at Inter-High for XNUMX consecutive years, XNUMX events in total.He won XNUMX times and won XNUMX times.After changing jobs, Olympic athletes ... Click here for more information

"Midwinter hot spring yoga" "Yoga walk to find spring" "Temple yoga" "Hotaru night yoga" "Mountain stream babbling yoga" ... In the future, curious programs are planned "Travel yoga in Ichiha ... Continue here

If you buy herb seedlings, you will be taught how to grow them and how to use herbs, and you can draw your favorite pictures on stones as you like. I visited the "Ushiku Nigiwai Market".Click here to continue

Blueberry village, Furusato Farm, located in Kongoji, Ichihara City, on the border with Nagara Town. More than XNUMX ares and XNUMX shares in XNUMX fields ... Click here for more information

# I want to make a cafe in Ushiku ... The cafe stand, which has the same name as the founders, opened in March at the Kominato Railway Kazusa-Ushiku station building .. Continue here

 A series of typhoons and heavy rain disasters last fall.Kominato Tetsudo, which was damaged many times and some sections were closed, got on the longed-for Boso Satoyama trolley observation vehicle on a summer day six months after the entire line was opened after three months of restoration work. From here