Ichihara Tourism PR Special Envoy Violinist Zaru Kame 🍻 🐢 Yuri Kamei Nozzle 🍜 Kame 🐢

The second store is for "Kitchen Yuu", who is recommended by Kaikotsu Kamen.

1329-5 Anesaki, Ichihara TEL.0436-62-3370 Twitter:@kitchen_yuuyuu

With the addition of partner cellist Muraoka Enoko
"Zaru turtle" and "Zaru turtle"

"Zaruko" Muraoka Enoko is a Zaru ramen


"Kame-chan" Kamei-san is a ramen and fried rice set

I will have it ♪

It's a Western-style restaurant, but it's an authentic old-fashioned soy sauce ramen exquisite ♪

With plenty of vegetables, with a refreshing yet rich sauce
Ramen also goes into the stomach like a "zaru" ♪

The shop also sells icing cookies and miscellaneous goods.Purchase as a souvenir ♪

Big wife and click ☆