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    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Road Station Azunosato Ichihara

    We sell products produced and processed in Ichihara City, traditional crafts, and fresh agricultural products nurtured by the climate of Ichihara.Ichihara's food at the light meal corner ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Satoyama farm

    The Satoyama Agricultural Products Direct Sales Office is located along National Route 297, near the Umatate Station entrance signal.Safe vegetables, edible wild plants, shiitake mushrooms, grown by local Ichihara farmers ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Ichihara Hydroponic Association Ando Strawberry Garden

    We cultivate and harvest seasonal vegetables and sell them at direct sales offices, Azunosato and other places.Strawberry picking is from January to May.It is hydroponically cultivated.Hydroponics ...

    • Chiharadai / Ichizu area

    Ichihara Mitsubachi Ranch

    A beekeeping-themed shop in the forest in the northeastern part of Ichihara City.In addition to seasonal honey and processed honey from the farm, it's popular ...

    • Goi / Kokubunjidai area

    Shin Matsutsuki Co., Ltd.

    Including the famous confectionery "Pure Gold Kuroshio Monaka" with gold leaf hardened on the skin in the middle, the confectionery "Omiya Monaka", "Koyu", "Shinatobe", "Rice ..."

    • Goi / Kokubunjidai area

    Uozuru Co., Ltd.

    A store specializing in fresh fish with plenty of charm that fishmongers have.Family group sashimi will be served freshly made with better freshness and deliciousness.Is it far away ...