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    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Road Station Azunosato Ichihara

    We sell products produced and processed in Ichihara City, traditional crafts, and fresh agricultural products nurtured by the climate of Ichihara.Ichihara's food at the light meal corner ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Delicious temple Mizue CAFE & FOOD

    At the delicious temple Zuikou, which is surrounded by flowers and greenery, there is a menu of local production for local consumption (pizza, mosquitoes, etc.) such as fresh vegetables, rice, and yoro mochi pork.

    • Goi / Kokubunjidai area

    Kazami Rooster Rapeseed Coffee Roaster Co., Ltd.

    We offer freshly baked green coffee beans from coffee producing areas around the world, which are freshly baked, complemented, and freshly brewed.Also with coffee ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Japanese artist Sojiro

    We offer Japanese and creative dishes using fresh crab and seafood.It is a small shop on the shores of Takataki Dam Lake.Please come by all means ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Chinese soba Ikkyu

    The black soup Chinese soba with a sharp soy sauce scent perfectly reproduces the taste of "Koriyama Black" and the long-established store "Masuya" in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture.Real…

    • Yawata / Tatsumidai area

    Tapas at Deli

     "Ichihara Kokufu Premium Product" Certified Product "XNUMXst Umaimon Championship" Winner "Ichihara City Hometown Tax Payment" Return Product ---...