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    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Lake Takataki (Takataki Lake Tourism Business Association)

    Takataki Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in the prefecture, and you can enjoy nature and water throughout the four seasons.It is a famous spot for anglers, and competitions are held frequently ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Yoro River Fisheries Cooperative "Yoro River Valley Ayu no Sato"

    In the summer, we grab sweetfish at the fishery cooperative.The water depth is shallow, so even small children can enjoy it with peace of mind.Barbe in the facility ...

    • Goi / Kokubunjidai area

    Kominato Tetsudo / Steam locomotive

    The three steam locomotives actually operated by Kominato Tetsudo are on display and preserved, and you can definitely visit them for free if you request in advance. 3 ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Ichihara Lakeside Museum

    Surrounded by Lake Takataki and beautiful greenery, it exhibits attractive exhibitions centered on contemporary art and works from the city.From children to adults throughout the year ...

    • Goi / Kokubunjidai area

    Ichihara factory night view

    The petrochemical complex group in the coastal industrial area plays a central role in boasting the third largest shipment value of manufactured products in Japan.This refinery ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    ANIMAL WONDER REZOURT Ichihara elephant country

    Ichihara Elephant Country, which is located in the center of Chiba Prefecture, has about XNUMX kinds of animals including XNUMX elephants, the largest number of elephants in Japan, as well as capybaras and hippos.