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    • Chiharadai / Ichizu area

    Soccer Citizen's Club VONDS Ichihara / VONDS Ichihara Green Park

    VONDS Ichihara aims to be a city where all the citizens support, support, and have a team that they can be proud of.

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Ichihara City Cultural Forest

    There is a lawn plaza where you can play light sports, an event plaza with an outdoor stage, and a plaza where you can get close to nature surrounded by broad-leaved trees such as oak.

    • Goi / Kokubunjidai area

    Ichihara City General Park (Kazusasarashina Park)

    As one of the largest parks in the city, it was fully opened on April 25, 4.Landscape facilities such as the waterside, event plazas where various events can be held, etc.

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Mori Radio Station x Mori Yukai

    Artist Takato Kimura has developed a "station" to guide people to the forest in the former Kominato Railway's former station hut.The exterior is covered with moss and wild grass, and the season ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Toilet in Nature

    I entered as one of the works at "Nakaboso International Art Festival Ichihara Art x Mix" held in Ichihara City.Toys in nature ...

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Uchida no Mori Yonezawa no Mori Conservation and regeneration of nature, history and culture in the Uchida area (Yonezawa, Shingaya, inn) ...

    ● Regeneration of the natural environment in the Uchida area, conservation of biodiversity, and measures against depopulation ● Regeneration of abandoned cultivated land in Yatsuda for rice cultivation and biodiversity ...