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    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Chiba Yomiuri Country Club

    As a public course, it is full of plans to constantly entertain customers with the idea of ​​popularizing golf.For the event, scrape one scratch and get a special rate ...

    • Goi / Kokubunjidai area

    Etsuko's Healthy Cooking

    At the cooking class of the traditional "Boso Taimaki Sushi" that has been made at ceremonial occasions in Ichihara City, which was the production center of seaweed, which can be harvested in Uchibo, Chiba Prefecture.

    • Chiharadai / Ichizu area

    Soccer Citizen's Club VONDS Ichihara / VONDS Ichihara Green Park

    VONDS Ichihara aims to be a city where all the citizens support, support, and have a team that they can be proud of.

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Ichihara City Cultural Forest

    There is a lawn plaza where you can play light sports, an event plaza with an outdoor stage, and a plaza where you can get close to nature surrounded by broad-leaved trees such as oak.

    • Sanwa / Nanso / Kamo area

    Ichihara City Rest House

    At the rest house, the bathing facility is operated by effectively utilizing the residual heat from the Fukumasu Clean Center incineration facility.Equipped with exercise equipment to improve health ...

    • Goi / Kokubunjidai area

    Ichihara City General Park (Kazusasarashina Park)

    As one of the largest parks in the city, it was fully opened on April 25, 4.Landscape facilities such as the waterside, event plazas where various events can be held, etc.